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ACCT - Association Community Carbon Trees

Our story is simple at ACCT, "Association Community Carbon Trees"... we have created a way for people from around the world to come together and use their "dime, their time and their voice" to plant rainforest trees in collaborative effort to solve some of the most challenging environmental and social challenges of our time. There is no better feeling than knowing deep down that you are collaborating with so many others to make a real difference for future generations.

Enjoy our interactive website which explains how growing trees near the Equator serves as the greatest and most simple way to improve our global climate. Equator trees help so many of the environmental challenges we face today. They are miraculous, generous beings proven to lower temperatures, stop erosion, lessen ocean acidification, produce biomass for rebuilding healthy soils, provide food for humans and animals, forest products like lumber and medicine, balance the hydrological or rain cycle, and capture excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from fossil fuel consumption.

Planting a wide diversity of trees in specialized biological and commercial zones actually protects the remaining rainforest and all of its wonders for future generations! Why? We plant the trees on land owned by Costa Ricans with fairly paid community labor by both men and women. This gives local people an alternative income stream other than cattle farming or illegally cutting lumber. Local women are also paid for preparing fertile soil for use in our community tree nurseries. All trees are produced from locally collected seeds. This has renewed awareness for the value of mature trees for seed stock in existing rainforests. The local people are also rewarded for maintaining trees long term because valuable sustainable products are produced.

We ask for your global participation in our unique EVERYBODY WINS solution by sponsoring a diverse, native tree for $25 each! We guarantee to take care of your tree with paid labor so that is survives to give all these benefits to future generations. NO act is too small and every tree makes a difference.

We can calculate your carbon footprint and work together to neutralize it through special packages of trees planted and maintained especially for you. Remember loved ones and special occasions like birthdays and weddings by planting a tree in someone's honor. You receive a personalized ACCT Certificate for display and may include photos and testimonials in our online Sponsor Gallery.

The positive social and environmental impact of our reforestation work over the past 14 years has taken root. We have planted and maintained more than 501,000 trees of over 85 different native species in the Southern Pacific Zone of Costa Rica. Think about it. There is so much in it for you too!! So, what are you waiting for? ACCT NOW! We are your trusted and professional tree planters and forest managers who love to do the dirty work!

Financial assistance is not the only way for YOU to make a difference. We welcome volunteers of all kinds and are interested in connecting with you for the trees. Each person has a special voice and can awaken people NOW about our tree sponsorship programs at ACCT happening NOW!! The sky is the limit!

We invite you to explore our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts about our regular Kid's Nature Day activities for folks of all ages. We also offer regular seed collection expeditions and local ECO-ADVENTURE VOLUNTEER TOURISM. Internships for students of all ages available in agroforestry and permaculture, land, water and species conservation, social entrepreneurship, and social justice with philosophy and law.

Every Tree Makes A Difference!